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When Catherine Kennedy created Leeway in 1995, the dream was to provide a center for hospice care that endowed individuals with HIV/AIDS with dignity in their struggle with this devastating illness. We wish Catherine was with us today to see how far we’ve come. While we do provide hospice care when needed, our primary focus is now on recovery and a return to independent living. Catherine would be proud to see the formation of our Alumni Society, an incredible group of individuals living and managing their HIV/AIDS with grace and resilience.

Leeway’s Alumni Society works to build a supportive community for individuals who have taken back their health and are living independently. The organization works to dispel myths and misinformation to help members achieve an independent, healthy, and fulfilling life. The Alumni Society serves to educate and empower members, to reduce social isolation, to enhance recovery skills, to build life skills, to help in workforce development, and to create a leadership role for Leeway Alumni as advocates for public policy and practices in HIV/AIDS.


Anyone who has been a resident at Leeway is welcome to join the Alumni Society. In addition, tenants living in Leeway’s supportive housing are invited to participate in the activities and programs offered through the Alumni Society, regardless of their health status.
Contact Lorrie Wesoly at 203.865.0068 for information on membership to the Alumni Society.


Leeway’s Alumni Society holds a monthly meeting at the 40 Albert Street Facility’s Education Training Center. For updates and information about monthly meetings, contact Lorrie Wesoly at 203.865.0068.


Alumni Society programs include: a workshop/seminar series with experts in the HIV/AIDS industry that can answer concerns that our tenants often encounter; an education series to teach life skills and enhance vocational skills; an alumni/tenant office with computer access and a resource library; a program to encourage a return to school and the workforce, special events and excursions to provide experiences and opportunities for growth and self-directed learning; a nutrition program; and an emergency utility and nutrition support component for tenants that may be leaning toward instability again.

All programs offered for the Alumni Society are supported by the generosity of our donors. Help us provide the essential programs needed to keep our Alumni healthy and active members of the community. Donate to Leeway’s Alumni Society.

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Online Giving